The Tick – Hero or Tick?

Finally the full season of Hero Tick can be assisted. The series is based on comics developed by cartoonist Ben Edlund, who had the idea of ​​creating a parody of American superheroes in 1986. The superhero, who at first was just a mascot of a Massachusetts newsletter, did not stop from surprising since, turning comics, animated series and finally a new series. With each of these media where the character appears in new ways and with different backgrounds, all quite funny and fun.

When he was a comic in the 1980s, Tick was a literally insane hero who had fled an asylum to fight the city’s villains. Later, in the animations of the 90’s, the origin of the character is not so creative, being simply a bully who had passed the tests of superheroes and turned out to be one. In the first live action series in 2001, created by Fox, Tick comes from somewhere in outer space and, after irritating the employees of a space shuttle, is deceived and sent to the planet Earth. Finally, in the new series, produced by Amazon, its origin is not yet revealed, and is one of the most interesting points of this new production.

Like all versions of the character, the new series shows a Tick that has no memory of anything before being Tick. The fact that Amazon does not reveal its true origin creates several interesting situations. For example, one of the secondary characters asks Tick if his clothing (a blue suit that also features masks and antennae) is just his superhero outfit or if it is Tick skin itself. That is, whether it is a human dressed as a tick or whether it is a mixture of tick and human. Tick, after much thinking, reveals that he does not know, which gives enough humor to the production.

However, the show really succeeds when Arthur enters the story. Arthur, who becomes Tick’s companion, is practically the opposite of him. Tick, played by Peter Serafinowicz, is heroic, invincible, super-strong, humorous, extroverted, innocent and even stupid. Already Arthur, played by Griffin Newman, is a weak, fearful, anxious, and yet very intelligent accountant. As a child, he was glazed over in superheroes, but in a fight between good and bad, his father ends up dying in an accident just by being present at the wrong place and time, and Arthur has since avoided thinking about anything related to the subject, until Tick appears.

Although Arthur tries to escape, Tick becomes obsessed with Arthur and believes that he is also a superhero, always following the young man and appearing at the most inopportune times in the personal life of the supporting actor. Since then, it’s clear that while Tick has superpowers that make him defend the city and defeat his enemies, the true power of the hero is unlike anyone: be it a man dressed as a tick or a genetic mix of human and insect, the true his power is just to be a friend and companion to those in need.

(article translated from the original version in portuguese, by Google Translate)