More Than Fillings

More Than Fillings is a feature documentary – and a future online database – that deals with the issues caused by the separation of medicine and dentistry. While dentists know a lot about the health of the mouth, there is a lack of knowledge in regards to the rest of the body. On the other hand, physicians may be aware of the complexities of the body, but not of the mouth. This becomes an issue when it is understood that the health of the mouth can affect the entire body and vice versa.


Bullies is a short film about a boy named Eugene, who is bullied at school. Attempting to run away from his bullies, Eugene suddenly falls through a hole and ends up finding a secret room full of people who have been hiding from their own bullies for decades. With a mix of fantasy, comedy and drama, and in the style of an 80s movie, the film shows that certain fears must be faced in order to live a happy life.

Ticket for Success

The award-winning animation directed, written and produced by Daniel Bydlowski was his undergraduate thesis at FAAP, Brazil, developed together with Marcos Casilli. Ticket for Success tells the story of Woody Malloy, an aspiring filmmaker that struggles to produce a dramatic movie that reveals all the pain and frustration that lies in his heart. Nevertheless, his film becomes a huge comedic success. Woody then pretends that he has always wanted to make people laugh, but he has a hard time living with his lie.

The film exposes the reality of those who pursue fame at all costs without being truth to their own personalities and beliefs. Ticket for success won and was selected to several film festivals.

Jewish Homegrown History

In this artistic and experimental documentary database, Daniel developed pieces that deal with Jewish identity, intermarriage and immigration in Los Angeles.

Under the supervision of Marsha Kinder, the work was showcased at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

The Ticket

Marty, an unfulfilled cop in the end of his career, is forced to chase down a rebellious old man in order to give him a speeding ticket, not knowing that the old man will give him a new perspective on his life.

Immigrant Health Initiative

This project counts with several short documentaries that tell the story of immigrant families’ health struggles. Produced by the University of Southern California, the project uncovers the links between immigration, culture and healthcare.

To watch the piece and know more, click here:

Ay Love

The short documentary tells the story of a couple from different backgrounds, an American man and a Chinese woman, and reveals the ways in which the couple overcomes cultural differences that go from differences in beliefs to food habits.

The project was an effort to unite USC and CUC students in the quest to understand cultural differences.

Interacting with Autism

The online documentary database attempts to shed light on the understanding, treatment and the life of those who are on the autism spectrum. The award winning project was developed with Marsha kinder and Mark Jonathan Harris, three-time academy award winner.

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