The Avengers: Infinity war

Directed by Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, The Avengers: Infinity War brings all that the trailer promises: a huge collection of characters and actions that make anyone breathless. In addition, the scene has enough humor, which gives a little fun a few moments. The first movie of the Avengers in 2012 brings the many of the latest series of the Marvel franchise (outside, of course, this widespread destruction). However, what is somewhat different is not allowed the public to focus on any hero.

There is one character who is central to the narrative: Thanos, the villain. Of course, with so many and few villains, that’s what would happen. However, this also causes problems in the narrative. It is not that the Russian directors speak in their attempt to create a very fun and exciting universe. On the contrary, it is a great achievement that can be obtained in a work that could be a different place.

But even so, it is clear that many of the characteristics that give success to an artistic work, from literature to film, seem to be diluted in the film. To begin with, every production in the Marvel universe now has a collection of heroes with quite different personalities. Some are more selfish while others are more noble, desires are the ones who waste time while others try to maintain the status quo for longer. Differentiated images of a dynamic that need a work to be interesting.

However, a sufficient number of heroes in The Avengers: Infinity War makes the personalities repeat themselves in moments, creating a less interesting dynamic. Also, there is no time to exhaust yourself in relationships completely. The result is that the long one uses the knowledge we have of the characters in past movies to propel a story. The best of all possible, repetitive, when Tony Stark (The Steel Man) has no more right to fight alongside adult heroes.

Also, The Avengers: Infinity War. Each one gets short, quick dialogues, which helps in the funny scenes, but it does not have any of its individual faculties, that are present in the beginnings of the Marvel universe. What matters is a main attraction, the villain and the. We see places and heroes being destroyed by the superpower, in a perverse world. However, he was doing something something, which makes it certainly captivating.

The focus is not on superhero movies, but it certainly is not cinema, especially when it comes to a company behind the movie is a Disney. This means that the public wants to see the heroes in desperate situations. The weak development of heroes, the game of thrones, makes the long stop with a television series such as Game of Thrones, which was at least three hours long. The ones so amuses and ends with their initial intuition, that is to create a desperate climate that will solve in subsequent productions. After all, even with all these differences, The Avengers: Infinite War is still a superhero movie.

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