Suffering that kills children: movie presents bullying as villain

“So far I remember the suffering I felt because of bullying. I’m not surprised that many who went through this experience live forever trapped in a distant and sad past, “says Brazilian filmmaker Daniel Bydlowski.

NanoEden, the filmmaker wanted to bring in his recent film, Bullies, a warning about the problem of bullying that today is one of the fastest growing forms of violence in the world. . Although it can occur in any social context, bullying is more common in schools, causing the suffering of children who are constantly being physically or verbally assaulted by other children.

“As I felt these aggressions in school, I want to show the children who are also victims of these violence that they are not alone and that they do not have to drop everything they like and follow a path with no future,” says Daniel. “I believe there are ways to help children with a different approach than has been used by educators. Fantasy films that dealt with the theme in the 1980s helped me, though to other people these films were just entertainment, “he says.

Unlike other anti-violence materials targeting adults as parents and teachers, the film aims to reach the very children who suffer from this trauma through a fanciful and fanciful narrative. The film tells the story of Eugene, a boy who every day suffers bullying at school until he finds a secret place where he hides and feels safe. However, staying in this place, the protagonist needs to give up things he likes like his mother and read comics. This cozy hideaway is a metaphor of death that many children resort to when they can not stand the pressure of this violence and believe they belong nowhere.

Daniel does not want the film’s intent to eliminate the problem of bullying or to show the best way forward, but rather to help children, who often hide the trauma, to see that they are not alone so they can deal with the problem without Fear of being happy.

“There are many bullies in the world. The secret is not knowing how to change them, but not letting the self-image be changed by them, “Bydlowski adds.

(article translated from the original in portuguese with Google Translate)

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