Star Wars: The force is back

After the first Star Wars trilogy, which began in 1977 and ended in 1983, everyone was curious as to when the first episodes would hit the big screen, since the franchise had very cleverly begun in half with Episode 4. The wait would end in 1999, with the euphoria of seeing a Star Wars 16 years later, when cinema, in a new era, would re-explore the paths of force and introduce the mysterious life of Darth Vader.

However, these new films did not have that magic of the previous ones. Ancient characters were developed and others introduced into a galaxy that became more and more complex. Even so, the plot sometimes seemed a bit artificial and forced amidst technological innovations that tried not only to take the franchise to another stage in terms of special effects but also to film itself, which was beginning to introduce digital cameras. Thus, while the viewers watched the long films excited to review their favorite characters fighting for the good and unraveling different worlds, there was always a stronger plot in the works that could completely transport us to a galaxy far, far away.

Everything began to change in 2015, when Star Wars: Episode 6 and the sequel to the first films, came back with help from Disney, who bought Lucasfilm. After all, in a contemporary cinema that is characterized by remakes, nothing more natural than to repeat the old stories of success. So things turned out to be reversed. Little attention was paid to technological innovation while the plot was developed to remind those of the past. Although it is good, the work is lost in its homage to the past, little trying to be more creative and appealing to the audience that it missed the first ones.

And then comes Star Wars: The Last Jedi, bringing the strength of the original with you. This is not a tribute, but a real continuation of the saga. Not only does it have a very well developed plot, but with a real expansion of the universe. Already known characters and new ones acquire complex personalities and unpublished goals. Unknown worlds are introduced with details ranging from collecting milk in an alien land to fishing and the casino, making them convincing and therefore fun. Even the magic of the previous films is back: we know more about the Jedi religion and the difficulty of making the right decision, often with surprises of past and dear characters who show us the way.

The plot is also mirrored in the old episodes to show the evolution of the characters in a more complex way. Luke Skywalker is as stubborn to embark on an adventure in the struggle for good as in the 1977 movie (of course, for different reasons). In addition, his behavior as a master of Rey somewhat resembles his own master, Yoda, showing strong relationships between characters that last for many decades.

The film also features memorable scenes, featuring unforgettable performances by Mark Hamill (playing Luke). We are also faced with the death of legendary characters who give their lives in a more poetic way than other Star Wars, and that will enter both the history of cinema and the imagination of the public. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the force is back.

(article translated from the original version in portuguese, by Google Translate)

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