Santa Clarita Diet

Zombies may be the most popular topic in literature, film and television. It is a number of works dedicated to the undead creature, which probably originates in the folklore of Haiti.

What is most interesting in the history of this fantastic being, what is most important for successful recovery in various artistic works, is how the values ​​of society, especially with regard to love and family, are constantly tested.

What it’s like to become a zombie, provided you get bitten by one (and as long as your heart is intact). Thus, their families are no longer loved, they are not only victims of death, but come back to live to live the living. And the only way to save yourself is to destroy the brains of the undead. The only day of this episode is the award for zombies of the most dramatic creatures of the genres of science fiction and terror.

But this does not mean that works can be undone and succeed only by repeating the past. Especially after classic pages like The Walking Dead have been so successful, new productions need to recreate the clichés of this genre creatively.

Santa Clarita Diet, created by Victor Fresco for a Netflix, brings just that. To the display of morrrowing and immediate voltating at monstrous, the seriously keeps the intelligence and awareness of live-mortem. The relationship is not only about humans fleeing from zombies, but also about the feelings of living creatures, who do not want to follow the point of view of their loved ones. More importantly, this brings a comedy with sitcom style to the genre, something original.

And actuations fall as a glove in this creative concept. Drew Barrymore plays Sheila Hammond, a family man, married to Joel (Timothy Olyphant) and Abby’s mother (Liv Hewson). AFTER she became a living dead, Sheila and HIS Family try to deal with the Situation in a comic and chilling way, always with the Help make it very funny Eric Bemmis (Skyler Gisondo), friend of Abby.

In the first season, we witness the moment when Sheila begins to become the dreaded creature. I do not know what to make of the transformation, keeping a fun pleasure that is like creepy scenes with the funny ones. However, in the second season, the reason behind everything begins to make itself present.

Attempts to perform as zombies were recruited as a necessary failure to destroy the necessary suspense in the horror genre, Santa Clarita Diet is not a source of prior art ideas. So, with each step a new lane is discovered, more questions arise and more mysteries appear. The second season starts slow, but after a few episodes it becomes funnier and more fun than the first. <br> <br> <br> <br> Eric Bemmis, who becomes increasingly important for the series.

In this sequel, Sheila realizes that they always occur. Joel, on the other hand, wants to leave as his wife has been infected and a live corpse appeared. Despite her already having contained a decomposition of Her Body, Sheila and Joel need to Protect Not Only Her Secret, but also The Whole Family That Now Seems To Be Aim Of An Investigation, And All Thanks To The Strange Behavior Of The Zombie.

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