La La Land – The Old and the New: Nostalgia Conquers Hollywood Once Again

La La Land – Singing Seasons, directed by Damien Chazelle, is a blockbuster in the US doing something that has been very common in Hollywood for at least a decade: looking back and repeating the style of films already consecrated. However, unlike the constant remakes and productions that repeat formulas of yesteryear and erase the creativity of the present times, La La Land innovates by making the past serve as a modern rereading. Thus, the film gives a new angle to enjoy the present while bringing the joy of a classic musical.

The film begins with one of the most usual contemporary scenes of a big city: the traffic jam that seems to have no end. It is in this scenario that the main characters, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone), meet each other for the first time. The stress of traffic serves as the backdrop for an incredible dance and choreography that brings lightness to the difficult scene that is common in reality.

Family stress scenes are not the only modern things that give La La Land a unique character. Unlike musicals such as Singing in the Rain, which has strongly inspired the film, Iphones and other objects of everyday life influence the novel and appear at critical moments in the story. More interesting still is that with all this, the shooting places chosen by the director, as well as the beautiful photography of the production and captivating music, cause the viewer to be transported to the golden era of musicals. Thus, the innocence of a classic gives these scenes and everyday objects a new meaning. In this way, instead of making those who watch escape from a dull reality for a more colorful musical, La La Land shows that life can still be fun.

As if celebrating the joy of living in the present is not enough, La La Land – Singing Seasons also modernizes the classic musical giving the viewer an amazing ending that will be eternalized. For those who live in big cities, facing traffic after watching the movie will be easier, even momentarily.

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