Guardians of the Galaxy 2: almost as good as the first

The continuation of the first Guardians of the Galaxy premieres in Brazil this week and will satisfy the thousands of Marvel fans.

The first film was a surprise to the brand, which did not expect so much success. Given that the characters were not as famous and that director James Gunn was starting his career, it was expected that the beginning of this franchise would serve only as that type of production that takes place among the more “serious” blockbusters such as Spider-Man or Avengers. However, the feature showed that the public gives more importance to characters and well-developed stories than famous heroes, led by recognized names.

In addition, both the first film and the second film contain all of Marvel’s successful ingredients. To begin with, the use of funny scenes in the midst of great fights not only relaxes but for not taking itself so seriously, the movie ends up ironically making us believe in its saddest parts. Here, these funny scenes happen because of the own eccentric characters, as well as by the soundtrack that mixes several genres, all classics of 1970.

However, the greatest success formula, not only for this long, but also for all of Marvel’s other, is the use of characters who do not feel part of society and who lament for not being “normal.” They are sad figures who try to cope with their loneliness in every way. Their beliefs that they are inherently different, even when they resemble normal humans – or not – and even before they acquire special powers, move all the actions of the characters, from the simple choice of a friend who feels the same way until to intergalactic battles.

In the case of Guardians of the Galaxy, the plot unfolds around the heroes Peter Quill, played by Chris Pratt, Rocket, a raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper, (baby) Groot, with the voice of Vin Diesel, Gamora, played by Zoe Saldana , and Drax, played by Dave Bautista. What do they have in common? They are intergalactic criminals who unite to save the world of Ronan, played by Lee Pace, a totalitarian villain who wants to control the universe.

If the first film was about the union of these unusual characters in the face of a universal threat, the second tries to delve into each of them, making them more complex. This complexity causes, for example, those who formerly appeared to be adversaries to become friends.

More importantly, the film continues to develop around the concept of the family. If the solitary characters of Guardians of the Galaxy become a family in the first part, they now go after the mysterious kinship of Peter Quill. However, even though Guardians of Galactic 2 still have plenty of entertaining battles and scenes, the plot is focused on developing known figures, which lessens the originality that made us embark on something new and different. Still, the film demonstrates great versatility in the construction of its history and becomes one more success in the collection of longs of the Marvel universe.

(article translated from the original version in portuguese, by Google Translate)

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