When the Animation joins the Art of the Day of the Dead

We have already been part of the life of toys, superheroes, insects, monsters and cars. Now it’s a time to come face to face with Day of the Dead, a Mexican celebration that slips like a glove in Pixar Studios’ attempt to bring emotional and entertaining stories that appeal to anyone, any size or age. And an animation company hit it right.

Using Mexican actors for a voice of their characters, some very famous as Gael García Bernal, Viva – The Life Is A Party in contact with a society not much seen without cinema. In a Mexican village, Miguel, a boy in love with music, must confront his family so that his heart is a mariachi. Funny situations appear from the beginning, when we also meet Dante, a dog that does not seem very smart, and when we see Miguel do everything to play his guitar.

However, the film really begins when the world of the dead is revealed. Trying to catch a guitar borrowed from a grave by accreditation that is owner, already dead, is his familiar, Miguel is transported to one of the most beautiful environments created by Pixar. However, there is a problem: the young boy discovers that when the living forget the dead, their souls cease to exist – nothing could have been more emotional than this premise, and Viva – Life Is A Party does not leave a chance to pass . Discovering his deceased relatives in the world, Miguel becomes a point of contact between the living and the dead, giving a possibility so that the past problems are redeemed and longing for relief.

Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos in Spanish, is a traditional Mexican holiday. Although there is no beginning of summer, it has changed its date to coincide with the Christian holidays of All Saints and Allies Day, respectively, on 1 and 2 November. There are some common things, as celebrations are very different, especially nowadays. Whether most people who celebrate Halloween dress in monsters and play with a scary idea, those who celebrate the Day of the Dead honor their deceased relatives and invite their souls to walk among the living these days. Thus, the living put as photos of the dead altars and updates their favorite foods. The altars are also adorned with marigold flowers, or marigold, since they are believed to attract as loved ones’ souls to the structures.

This day, however, is not celebrated sadly. People paint themselves as skulls, symbolizing a later stage of life, and light candles in a beautiful spectacle, with drinks and even music. A celebration with so many artistic elements that is how it wrinkles and an art already developed to be used by any film studio.

Even so, a Pixar takes a step towards creating instantaneous characters and scenarios that honor this celebration and bring it to other parts of the world.

(article translated from the original in portuguese with Google Translate)

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